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While sitting around having a coffee one day with some friends, they knew I had been around the block in the advertising, publishing and design world, but the conversation turned to websites. I was surprised to hear comments about how the internet was just a confusing abstract thing to them. They knew they needed a website and a Facebook page and such, but didn't know where to start. And weren't impressed by the costs quoted to get their businesses on-line. Or weren't very happy with what they currently had.

I couldn't believe my ears, and when saying so was laughed at about my naivety.

But the smiles quickly faded when I explained that I could have them up on air in 8 hours. I confessed that my geekiness had made me unaware of the hurdles these guys had to jump over.

Having 35 years experience in advertising, publishing and graphic design... which led to computers and the 'interweb', I realised I had a skill base that was rare, and could be very helpful to my buddies.

I am a senior creative director, photographer, copywriter, graphic designer and a bit of an internet geek. Get where I am going here? I also knew that the best way to keep customers happy was when they were sitting next to you telling you what they wanted, (something most designers hate). But I love people. I respect business. And I know how to make something work well. 

So WOW! Websites on Wheels was born as part of my offering.


Offering extremely affordable (downright cheap) quality (with a capital Q) websites with SEO and all the googley stuff in no time at all. It doesn't have to be hard. Just done cleverly.


I now have some very happy friends, and some very satisfied clients, who are not so daunted by the web world anymore. I personally service every client. And have a marvellous small team around me that fill any of my shortcomings.

Are you one of the 48% of businesses who don't have an on-line presence yet? Let me handle the stress of all this webbery stuff. The world is going fully digital, real fast, so probably time to get with the program. Call me. I'm available anytime.


Terry Mulligan

0412 123 627

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